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+ 25 years innovating

Our Expertise

It is focused on computer services. For more than 25 years we have provided our Tech Consulting services, locally and internationally. We offer all our experience in tackling complex projects that require the interaction of multiple cutting-edge technologies, the migration of technologies in production or their use in new environments.

We aspire to partner with our clients in the transformation process for the adoption of new technologies demanded by the market and in this way achieve the best positioning of companies on solid and lasting bases.


Local Networks
and extended


Platform connectivity
Hardware and Software

Our way to achieve it

The group that we form AW Software makes up a great family in which we are all focused on doing the best we can. Combining our creativity and knowledge, to incorporate innovation in all our projects and offer our clients the greatest added value that enhances their competitive initiatives in the market.

Each of us integrates with the rest of the group, from our own particularity, achieving new disruptive solutions to those commonly proposed. We have our own culture of teamwork that manages to form bonds that last a lifetime, even with those who for different reasons have left our group.

Quality and commitment


AW Software introduces new information technology for the Local and International Financial Market.

Front End

Construction, reengineering and automated migration of front ends. Always seeking to optimize the user experience and the clear and hierarchical presentation of information.

Mobile Apps

We develop mobile applications for various platforms, minimizing specific maintenance for each of them. We use the latest state-of-the-art innovations.

Business Components

We build comprehensive solutions focused on completely resolving client needs, adjusting to the context offered to us and proposing realistic and viable changes based on existing objectives and limitations.

Legacy Integrations

We specialize in the development of legacy software integration components with modern applications. Managing to protect those components that have highly specialized business logic, through the company’s years of experience. Making these components available in the most demanding environments of new technologies, achieving the necessary containment that allows the response of old systems without collapsing and allowing information to flow optimally.

Robust Solutions

Our products

Since its inception, AW Software has provided comprehensive solutions to architecture and environment interconnection problems, transforming each experience into products that robustly address each solution.


Banking Application Runtime Environment

Self-service mailboxes

Multi-platform FRONT END (inter-intranet)

Security Station

Security management multi-platform environments and architectures

Business Server

Middleware for front-end applications


Class package defines Business Server connector servers

MQs Server

Connecting to MQSeries queues sending and receiving messages


SNA to TN3270E Protocol Java Converter

AS400 Server

Connection service to AS 400 equipment emulating 5250


Connector for Universal Access to the Altamira application

Success stories

We generate the conditions and tools for incorporating the most advanced state-of-the-art DevOps guidelines into application life cycles.

Prisma Medios de Pago S.A


Development of an execution framework that allowed keeping all the legacy business logic of the banking front-end in operation without having to rewrite them.

Control and Containment

The bottlenecks that caused ESB interruptions were eradicated. Messaging flows were encapsulated, controlling cases of services with problems, preventing these problems from propagating to the entire service and messaging network. This was achieved without the need to change the product, due to the bug it contained.

Automatic Migration

Migration of the legacy corporate front-end in an automated manner of thousands of screens to proprietary execution environments that allowed the adoption project throughout America of the new tools promoted by the client to crystallize.

Technological Coexistence

We develop the technology to embed legacy applications in modern multichannel architectures.

Encapsulated Migration

The ESB was migrated without having to rewrite existing services, giving it a compatible environment where the messaging architecture was completely renewed.


We managed to generate very significant savings by generating connectivity pieces that replaced highly expensive IBM components, which allowed the execution of transactions on the Mainframe from the distributed environment.

The next platform for your businesses

We develop applications with the commitment to cover highly demanding and robust basic aspects, maintaining a clear, intuitive and pleasant interface. With aesthetic and usability guidelines, dictated by general UX disciplines and those managed by each client.

What do our customers say?

Join a great team


We are an expanding company that maintains its origins as a collaborative group where everyone, from their identity and experience, contributes to common growth. We maintain trust among ourselves for teamwork by co-creating new solutions.

We project ourselves into multiple technological scenarios and share them as a group to enrich ourselves with the new experiences of each member.

We respect your individuality

We promote your talents where your work takes on the characteristics of what defines you as a professional. We all collaborate so that common interaction enriches us and unites us as a group to form lasting professional and friendship ties.
Because we are convinced that individual contribution and the fruitful human interaction of the group produces the best ideas and promotes creative innovation.

Permanent growth

At AW Software you will always have new challenges and the tools to face them. You will be able to learn and experiment with the most modern infrastructure technologies that are only used in large companies, like those managed by our clients.

You will be in the major leagues

You will participate in projects of large companies that are our clients. You will have the opportunity to be part of global solutions for large architectures and applications. You will have the conviction that your contributions will enrich great projects that are part of the mission and value of our group and our clients.

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Maipú 521 Piso 4 Of. B – (C1006ACE)
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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